GEARSKIN™ Camouflage - Desert 3-color Extra

  • Material: Cordura
  • Weight: 180 g
  • Measurements: Extra - 1000x300 mm
  • Colour: Desert 3-color
  • Manufacturer: GEARSKIN™

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GEARSKIN™ Camouflage - Desert 3-color Extra
Manufacturer: GearSkin
Product code: GSK-17-012584
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Desert 3-color Extra

Extra size offers 30% more material than standard camouflage roll!

GEARSKIN™ is the most durable, self-adhesive fabric available on the market. It meets the highest military and quality production standards. We guarantee efficiency and durability of the product. GEARSKIN™ is manufactured from scratch in Croatia by Rasa j.d.o.o. company.

GEARSKIN™ since the very beginning has undergone rigorous testing and was constantly perfected. Thanks to thorough analysis of results of laboratory testing and field tests, efficiency and characteristics of the fabric were improved every time. Data acquired in this way have provided the manufacturer with the possibility to develop fabrics and adhesives in a direction necessary to gain an innovative, self-adhesive fabric with a large amount of qualities and limitless amount of applications. All fabrics and components used in the manufacture process of GEARSKIN™ feature Oeko-tex Standard 100, second class certificate, which means that they were 100% negatively tested with regard to presence of substances harmful to health and environment. This allows the user to be certain that the product is safe both to the user and natural environment.

GEARSKIN™ is manufactured entirely in Europe, using highest quality ingredients, available technology and knowledge. The entire manufacturing process takes place in a factory with 140-year tradition, employing over 300 people in the textile industry. The factory has been providing high quality fabric and uniforms since its creation - both to armed forces and law enforcement in entire Europe and all over the world. Aside from these two main clients, the factory also supplies fabric and protective clothing to industries such as: petroleum, railway, medical institutions and many others. Thanks to this the factory’s crew and the manufacturer itself possess experience necessary for the manufacture of GEARSKIN™.

The adhesive material used for attaching of GEARSKIN™ will stick to any surface and remain attached equally firmly to a rough surface and a smooth one. SMART ADHESIVE LAYER will stick to practically any material - to any surface - rubber, polymer (including Kydex), wood, glass, metals and... fabrics and the list goes on for quite a bit still. After attaching GEARSKIN™ it will “stick better” with every day - because the aforementioned SMART ADHESIVE LAYER with every day fills more pores and holes in the surface under GEARSKIN™ and provides a stronger connection between the fabric and the product.

Light and durable CORDURA fabric with a world-renowned slant weave TWILL and a reinforcing, net structure weave RIPSTOP - ensures the durability of the material. GEARSKIN™ has following qualities:
- Water Resistance
- Oil Resistance
- Dirt Resistance
- Acid Resistance
This causes GEARSKIN™ to give the surface not only camouflage, but also adequate protection! All liquids that GEARSKIN™ comes in contact with simply flow down from it, without a trace. All that is needed is to leave it out to dry and mop with a dry piece of cloth (especially recommended if GEARSKIN™ came into contact with caustic liquids, for instance, acid or bleach because those in comparison to water do not evaporate easily) and there will be no trace left  on the material!

The surface of GEARSKIN™ fabrics is very resistant to mechanical damage and scratches that might occur in the field - for example, abrasion caused by sand, dirt and of course it will safeguard the surface against scratches resulting from contact with stones or twigs. During laboratory trials it was proven that the material is durable even for 100 thousand cycles of friction, before any noticeable changes in the fabric arise.

The fabric is resistant to crumpling and creasing and after attachment to any surface, even if creased prior to that - after some time GEARSKIN™ will smooth out all abnormalities on itself on its own and will be free from any surface anomalies.

SMART ADHESIVE is one of the main qualities of GEARSKIN™ - the product can be reused due to the slow process of attaching the adhesive to the surface. GEARSKIN™ after short period of usage can be removed without risk of tearing and creasing and subsequently applied again in any spot or a completely different surface. Should a longer period of usage in a given place be planned... all that is needed is to leave GEARSKIN™ attached. Adhesion will in time fill all pores and attach itself to the surface really strongly. Thanks to this solution we can prepare new camouflage for our equipment each time and adapt it to foreseeable environmental conditions. After removal of GEARSKIN™ there might remain fragments of the adhesive on the surface, especially after a longer period of usage. The adhesive remains can be easily removed with any solvent, for example, using WD40. The strength of the connection with the surface depends on three factors: the roughness of the surface, duration of attachment and, most importantly, the temperature that the product was kept in after being attached. These dependencies are very logical:
- the longer GEARSKIN™ is attached, the stronger it will adhere to the surface,
- the more rough the surface, the longer it will take to harden and connect the fabric with the surface,
- in order to speed up the process of adhering of GEARSKIN™ to a surface, the material can be warmed up or kept in temperature higher than room temperature / it can also undergo small thermal processing by being cooled and heated up, for instance, with a drier

Special qualities of GEARSKIN™ include a reduced infrared signature, which makes it more difficult to notice using night vision. The material does not reflect infrared lights, which makes surfaces covered with GEARSKIN™ gain an additional features - they will stop “shining” in the light of IR illuminators.

The advantage of GEARSKIN™ over standard camouflage tapes is most importantly the lack of “staggering” camouflage effect. This is due to GEARSKIN™ being in a form of a sheet of fabric, which allows the user to cut out the appropriate shape and precisely cover the surface with a chosen camouflage pattern.

In summary, most important features of this product include:
- water-, oil-, dirt-, acid-resistant fabric
- best CORDURA™ materials
- Rip-Stop and Twill weave
- durability beyond comparison
- decreased NearInfraRed (NIR) signature

Tech specs:
Desert 3-color
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